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Metwork isn’t another social networking app designed to suck up your time. Helping your clients, growing your legal career, and winning cases should be your top priority. That is why Metwork uses a proprietary algorithm to guide you to the best connections, so you can spend less time searching and more time expanding your practice.

Build dream teams.

The right colleague for your legal team is just a click away. Learn more.

Build dream cases teams with smart suggestions from Metwork's Team module.
The Metwork Referral module is optimized for every type of screen.

Share and track referrals.

Exchange referrals with speed and precision. Learn more.

Engage in mentorship.

Connect to the right mentorship opportunity to enhance your legal journey. Learn more.

Accelerate your career with Mentorship.

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Network and collaborate with vetted lawyers and paralegals.

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Decentralize your practice and scale up or down on the fly.

Plug into the Metwork Referral Ecosystem - no referral fees.

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Frequently asked questions. 

Not at all. Metwork’s referral module is included in the membership. There are no additional fees for exchanging referrals, whether you exchange one or one thousand.

No, you can use Metwork without sharing any documents that would be considered confidential. If you do wish to use Metwork to share documents between colleagues, your information is secure.

Whether building a team, sending a referral, seeking a mentor, or something else, Metwork’s proprietary recommendation algorithm adjusts to every need.  Suggestions are based on geography, experience, fields of law, personality type, feedback, and many other data points.

The best way to "rank higher" in Metwork is to be your authentic self and do excellent work. We do not show sponsored content nor charge for preferential treatment.

Bar-certified attorneys are usually approved within one business day and often much faster. Paralegal approval is based on how timely their sponsor responds.

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