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Having a professional network to build and join dream teams, exchange referrals, and share knowledge creates limitless opportunities to define your legal journey. 

Join the first-of-its-kind networking platform made exclusively to empower the legal community to take control of their careers and achieve limitless heights. 

Connect with purpose.

Metwork isn’t another social networking app designed to suck up your time. Focusing on helping your clients, growing your legal career, and winning cases should be your top priority.

That is why Metwork uses a proprietary algorithm to guide you to the best connections, so you can spend less time searching and more time expanding your practice.


Metwork empowers you to:

The Teams section of Metwork which is giving suggestions for lawyers from your contacts and lawyers outside of your Metwork that would be good for your team.

Build Dream Teams

Metwork guides you to collaborative lawyers from diverse personalities, fields of law, and geographical locations to help you build dream teams for any legal case. Or join other legal teams to hone your skills, gain new experiences, and take control of your legal journey.

Share and Track Referrals

Referrals are integral to growing your practice and reputation, but finding reputable attorneys to partner with takes time and research. Speed up your search and track sent and received referrals with Metwork.

The Metwork Referral section showing the step where you can select attorneys to send your legal referral to.
Metwork's Mentorship section showing that you can become a mentor or find a mentor. The user is currently looking for a mentor.

Engage in Mentorship

Let Metwork take the frustration out of finding the best mentor or mentee. Our curated search guides you to collaborative lawyers that best match your style and personality. Upgrade your results with Metwork.

How it works.

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  4. Be limitless

Don't take our word for it.


Discover Why the President of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association Recommends Metwork: Your Path to Success in Building Powerful Connections.

Be limitless. Be an innovator. 

We are growing and evolving. The strength of Metwork is in you and every other lawyer excited to connect and collaborate. Join our free beta right now to bring your voice and expertise to our legal community.

Innovators who sign-up before October 1st will get all of 2023 free and special pricing for 2024. 

Join Metwork, and we will be limitless, together.

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