3 Key Takeaways from the ATAA Show in Austin.

The Metwork team spent some time with the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys at their annual symposium in Austin, TX.

We talked with attorneys and paralegals about their practices and challenges, gathering some valuable input on how our software could help simplify their day-to-day grind.

Lawyers have a vital need for mentorship.

Nearly every attorney we spoke with talked about the importance of mentorship. They were eager to learn best practices and expand their skill set to advance their career and win more cases. We confirmed that there is an inherent need to share wisdom and gain new skills and insight in the legal community.

An expanded network unlocks new opportunities.

Building a solid network of legal professionals outside of an attorney’s current circle would be  invaluable. Having access to a network of lawyers across diverse practice areas would help build better teams and navigate the process of sending referrals. Attorneys can often feel siloed and would benefit from forming new connections.

Feedback is essential but not easily accessible.

Feedback aids growth and development. However, most attorneys explained that they never –or rarely– get any feedback. Finding a place in our platform to give and receive honest (and anonymous) feedback would be instrumental in shaping their legal careers. This would help fuel evolution and foster meaningful community.

We appreciate your feedback. It helps drive our design and confirm the need for these features.

Interested in learning more? There’s space for you, in Beta.