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Metwork is the place where paralegals (and lawyers) join forces to confidently practice law.

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The right guidance can help avoid years of frustration.

A dynamic team with a king and a queen.

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Connect with trusted colleagues from every field of law.

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All your contacts in one place so you stay organized and effective.

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Exchange referrals with speed and precision.

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Say goodbye to hours searching for the needle in the legal haystack. Metwork's proprietary algorithm is the magnet that guides you to the right connection. Save time and find a legal friend that fits every filing.

High-powered teams.

Join dynamic legal teams and be the piece that helps to win the big case.

Discover legal experts to join your case team by using Metwork.
The Metwork referral module shows genius suggestions for lawyers to send a legal referral to.

Exchange and track referrals.

Case details and expert recommendations at your fingertips.

Push paralegals forward.

Connect with a nationwide community of paralegals to share ideas and grow together.

Metwork's Mentorship Module is optimized to work on every device.

Join the only network just for the legal community.


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Founding members enjoy one year of full platform access, free. Let’s build together.

Connect with users.

Network and collaborate with vetted lawyers and paralegals.

Access career-building tools to define your legal journey.

Decentralize your practice and scale up or down on the fly.

Plug into the Metwork Referral Ecosystem - no referral fees.

Live support’s got you covered.

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