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Frequently asked questions.

Metwork is created for innovative members of the legal community who want to achieve limitless potential in their careers. At this time, sign-up is open for bar-certified attorneys and paralegals (with attorney sponsorship).

Update: As of April 2023, legal associations can join Metwork and unlock exclusive tools for association management and membership growth. Learn more at our Associations Page.

If a payment was made on your card without your permission, please contact and we will work with you on the problem.

Since we offer you the option to choose either monthly or annual membership, we do not offer mid-billing cycle refunds.

Only if you want Metwork to crush your inbox. All messages and notifications are housed in the software, and you have the ability to choose how frequently you receive email notifications. 

Metwork is open to all fields of law and practice. When signing up, if you don’t see your field of law in the list, you can add it, and it’ll be automatically added to the global list.

Metwork is starting with members of the legal field residing in the United States but is looking to expand internationally in the future. 

You shouldn’t need HR approval to use Metwork. Joining Metwork helps you and your firm by bringing in more cases and expanding your legal network.

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