Never miss an opportunity.

An evolved legal Referral Ecosystem.

Tap into the network to exchange referrals with speed and precision.

Metwork, your evolved legal referral ecosystem.

Metwork combines an easy-to-use interface with a proprietary algorithm to speed up the referral process and guide you to the best connections so you can spend less time searching and more time helping your clients.

Lawyers, expand your practice and income with Metwork referrals.

A network of contacts.

Robust Referral

Find the perfect lawyer for every case you need to refer.

An odometer showing velocity.


Exchanging referrals is simple and quick.

An odometer showing velocity.

Grow Your

Take advantage of referrals to expand your reach within the legal field.

Never let a client down.

Every intake call is an opportunity. Leverage a referral network to make the most with every case.

The Metwork referral module shows genius suggestions for lawyers to send a legal referral to.

Accelerate inbound referrals.

Increase legal referrals for a fraction of your marketing cost.

Nationwide referral network.

Extend your network nationwide from the comfort of your office. Take on new cases or refer out to make the most of every opportunity.

Intelligent suggestions.

Receive smart matches tailored for every referral, cutting out the time spent researching.

Automated queue.

Queue up multiple attorneys and automatically send the referral in your preferred order.

No additional fees.

Send and receive as many referrals as you can handle without cutting into your profits.

The Metwork Referral module is optimized for every type of screen.

Join the only network just for the legal community.


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Founding members enjoy one year of full platform access, free. Let’s build together.

Connect with users.

Network and collaborate with vetted lawyers and paralegals.

Access career-building tools to define your legal journey.

Decentralize your practice and scale up or down on the fly.

Plug into the Metwork Referral Ecosystem - no referral fees.

Live support’s got you covered.

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