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About Metwork


A legal professional deep diving Metwork's video library during their free time.


Thomas Neville (Former President of AAJ) shares first impressions of Metwork.

Thomas Neville:

Everything about Metwork appeals to me. It's an amazing platform. It's for lawyers and it is, like, so much easier to use and friendlier than, say, LinkedIn.

It's it's social media in a way that makes sense and is easy to access. It connects people all around the country. And it's an opportunity to work with lawyers who I’ve never met before, but maybe we've got some potential for a good relationship.

I'm the president of a state trial lawyers association. So what I see this doing is providing an opportunity for young lawyers to establish relationships with more experienced lawyers in their practice areas, hang their shingle, but have a back and forth where, you know, they can bring their cases to somebody, co-counsel that case, but also if that lawyer has a big case
and they need to bring on some help, it can flow back the other way with some good fee-sharing.

This is an opportunity to grow the plaintiff's personal injury bar and to help young lawyers
become established. And, you know, that's what we need.

Metwork is a way to make the connections without living in a narrow silo. It branches everybody out and gives us the opportunity to help our clients and to do what we do, but better.

About Metwork

Tom Metier, 40-Year Trial Attorney - The Power of Personal Relationships
The Power of Positive Relationships in the Legal Field

Tom Metier:

Metwork creates opportunities that people can’t find anywhere else.

And let me just give you some examples. You know, we go to conventions to meet all the other lawyers, whether it’s a state bar convention, or the AAJ convention, or a trial lawyers convention.

And we leave with a whole lot of business cards, put a rubber band around them, and promise ourselves that we’re going to get back to that person and do that case together or become friends.

And what really happens is not much. You open up your briefcase to go to the next convention, and there those cards are.

Imagine if you actually were able to have a quality network of those people that you really want to work with. And on a continuing business basis, that isn’t a waste of your time. Why, the opportunities you would have would be incredible.

They’d be thinking of you for case referrals. They’d be thinking of you to have mentor relationships with. They’d be thinking of you to put on their trial teams.

And how do we do that?

By having focused meaningful communications. Metwork allows for that.

Empower your legal association with Metwork.


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