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Plug into the right opportunities so you can do your best work, make an impact, and expand your legal practice.

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The right guidance can help avoid years of frustration.

A dynamic team with a king and a queen.

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Connect with trusted colleagues from every field of law.

Scales of justice.


Gain the competitive edge to close more cases.

Gauge for results.


All your contacts in one place so you stay organized and effective.

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Exchange referrals with speed and precision.

Build relationships across legal.

Strong legal relationships are essential to success. Save yourself from endless hours of research, and let Metwork guide you to productive connections across the legal field. With a robust community at your fingertips, you can prioritize winning cases.

Dynamic collaboration.

Build high-performing teams suited for every occasion. Learn more.

Metwork Teams is optimized for every type of device.
Utilize Metwork's referral module to find the perfect lawyer to send your next legal referral.

Referral Ecosystem.

Exchange referrals with speed and precision across all fields of law. Never let a case go to waste. Learn more.


Lead the way.

Whether you're a leader in the field or looking to become one, mentorship elevates your practice. Learn more.

Connect with professionals looking for a mentorship relationship.

Join the only network just for the legal community.


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Founding members enjoy one year of full platform access, free. Let’s build together.

Connect with users.

Network and collaborate with vetted lawyers and paralegals.

Access career-building tools to define your legal journey.

Decentralize your practice and scale up or down on the fly.

Plug into the Metwork Referral Ecosystem - no referral fees.

Live support’s got you covered.

Frequently asked questions.

Lawyers must have an active license from the bar to join Metwork. Paralegals must have a lawyer "sponsor" who verifies they are, indeed, paralegals. We plan to add expert witnesses and other case team members to Metwork, and they will also be required to complete a verification process.

Yes. Learn how paralegals and your team can benefit from joining Metwork here.

Referral income is yours to keep and as a founding member your first year is on the house. Make it rain.

Your entire firm does not need to join, however, your firm would get the largest network effect by having everyone connected. If you're interested in bringing your whole firm onto Metwork contact sales@metwork.com for a streamlined onboarding experience.

Bringing your existing contacts into Metwork has several advantages:
  1. Exponentially grow your practice. 
  2. Organize and streamline your existing referral process.
  3. Connect more broadly by having more network connections.
  4. Receive feedback on Metwork, which will improve your visibility for new opportunities.

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