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We believe you are limitless.

Metwork is an exploration of that potential. We believe all professions can be elevated to artistry. We believe in refinement through practice and enrichment through collaboration. Met​w​ork is the intersection of individual growth and exponential possibility.

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Built for professional development and personal evolution, Metwork is where referrals are made, opportunities arise and mentors meet the inheritors of knowledge. We believe in the power of the collective, the importance of inclusive teams, the wisdom of experience and the hunger of the novice.

Tom Metier
Tom Metier

Tom Metier

Tom Metier has been many things, a lawyer and a laborer, a pool shark and a lifeguard, an advertising executive and an athlete, a scholar and a door to door fireplace peddler. Yet, what defines each of these roles is what defines Tom himself, the spirit of curiosity and the pursuit of purpose. As he says, "as soon as you learn, you change." Born in the dead center of the country in the middle of the 20th century, Tom’s path from the cornfields to the courtroom was by no means paved though his preferred method of transport remains a motorcycle. An only child, he inherited from his traveling parents fierce independence and an unshakable sense of his own self worth. As a champion wrestler he developed discipline and a love for what can be born from conflict and competition.

A practicing psychodramatist, Tom approaches law not as an attorney, but as an artist, guided by the belief that what feeds you creatively enriches you personally. With a legal career that spans decades and a legacy of mentorship that has reached hundreds, Tom maintains that in work as in life you are the contributions you make and the company you keep. This philosophy informs Metwork which seeks to find fertile, common ground through connection and collaboration.

Founder & Visionary

Jack Metier

Jack Metier, the son of an attorney, grew up with the understanding that law, and life itself, were to be practiced in accordance with a code of ethics. This code, marked by a reverence for truth and a responsibility to its telling, became his way of moving through the world. Encouraged by the mentorship of his father and bolstered by his own love for film and the stories it supports, Jack found his purpose as a documentarian. With the camera as his conduit, his pursuit of the truth led him across the world, from the Pacific Northwest to Southeast Asia and Sub Saharan Africa and points in between and eventually, back home to Colorado. His current work as a settlement documentarian challenges him to humanize the lived experiences of others through immersive, intimate storytelling in line with the code he continues to learn from and live by.

Jack conceived of Metwork as an extension of those same ethos, a way to bring human connection to an online platform. Jack's intention is that Metwork will both protect and expand the art of law through exchange and collaboration. The fortifying relationship Jack shares with his own father serves as the scaffolding for Metwork's mentorship matching, a way for the wisdom of elders to remain in vital conversation with the young and hungry.

Founder & CEO

Jack Metier
Jack Metier