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We believe you are limitless. Metwork is an exploration of that potential. We believe all professions can be elevated to artistry. We believe in refinement through practice and enrichment through collaboration. Met​w​ork is the intersection of individual potential and exponential possibility.


Built for professional development and personal evolution, Metwork is where referrals are made, opportunities arise, and mentors meet the inheritors of knowledge. We believe in the power of the collective, the importance of inclusive teams, the wisdom of experience, and the hunger of the novice.


Throughout his 40 years as a lawyer, Tom Metier impacted the legal community, and in 2021, he decided to make an even more significant impact. He saw the legal community needed a better way to foster community, make meaningful relationships, and empower lawyers to define their lives and careers. Together with his son, Jack, they created the idea for a platform that would come to be known as Metwork.

Metwork co-founder Tom Metier and COO Chris Matney talking with AAJ attendee.
Metwork co-founder Tom Metier and COO Chris Matney talking with AAJ attendee.

Metwork COO Chris Matney (left) and co-founder Tom Metier (middle) talking with AAJ attendee.

Codename Giraffe's mascot.
Codename Giraffe's mascot.

Codename Giraffe's mascot.

Since the initial idea, Metwork has taken shape with the help of the legal community. Tom and Jack met with lawyers from different fields of law and experience levels to fully understand the challenges across the community. Under the working name, Codename: Giraffe, the software was first previewed in 2022 at the American Association of Justice’s (AAJ) July conference in Seattle, where it received early praise and insightful feedback. The Metwork team continued to refine the software and debuted the live beta in early 2023 at another AAJ conference to even more positive feedback.

With every sign-up and each new feature, our history grows. We’re excited to see Metwork and the legal community reach limitless heights together.

Meet the team.

Metwork co-founder Tom Metier.
Metwork co-founder Tom Metier.

Tom Metier (he/him)

The spark that started Metwork came from Tom, his lawyer experience, and his desire to give back to the legal community. Tom’s legal career spans over 40 years. He graduated from the University of Iowa College of Law in 1981 and opened Metier Law Firm, LLC in 1986 (which since has expanded to five states). He’s triple-board certified, a founding faculty member for the Trial Lawyers College, and served as president and on committees for multiple legal associations and groups. He has many, many notable accomplishments, including the Kenneth Norman Kripke Lifetime Achievement Award (2014), given by the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association. Tom’s vision for Metwork grew from wanting to give back to the legal community.

Jack Metier (he/him)
CEO and Co-founder

Jack is the heart of Metwork. From an early age, he loved the arts, which led him to attend the University of Colorado, where he studied film and found a passion for documentary filmmaking. He traveled the world, camera in hand, filming documentaries and meeting people. In 2010, Jack moved back to Colorado, where he used his storytelling skills to create settlement documentaries for lawyers across the country. His work dovetailed with his father’s vision, and they co-founded Metwork. Jack’s eye for detail, deep understanding of the human side of the legal field, and creative spirit inspire everyone at Metwork.

Metwork CEO and Co-Founder Jack Metier.
Metwork CEO and Co-Founder Jack Metier.

Chris Matney (he/him)

As the Chief Operations Officer, Chris ensures everything at Metwork runs smoothly. His tech experience spans over 35 years. Starting in programming and support, he grew into building software and hardware tech companies. He’s taken six start-ups through funding, development and liquidity, three of which he founded. In addition, Chris has consulted for more than 200 companies and published over 100 technical articles and books. On top of all his other accomplishments, he still found time to be a book publisher (Trapdoor Books), released gaming software (Trapdoor Technologies), and commercialized a scientific hardware company (S4 Mobile Laboratories). When not conquering the tech world, Chris is an avid gamer, reader, and music lover.

Tara Lee (she/her)
Major Account Manager

Tara’s deep understanding of how vital connections are to the legal field comes from over 10 years of experience working in various roles in the industry. Most recently, Tara brought her talents to the American Association for Justice (AAJ), working as a Membership Manager to recruit and retain attorney members. Prior to joining AAJ, she worked as Deputy Director for a Texas consumer advocacy organization and as an Office Manager for a personal injury law firm. Each position helped to shape Tara’s insight into the life and challenges of the legal community. When she's not building the Metwork community, you can likely find Tara in her garden creating succulent and cactus arrangements, working a crossword puzzle on her patio, or enjoying Austin's bustling music scene. Tara also loves traveling, sports, and exploring the great outdoors.

Metwork Major Account Manager, Tara Lee.
Metwork's Major Account Manager, Robby Daniels.

Robby Daniels (he/him)
Major Account Manager

Robby firmly believes that sales is about personal connections and fostering strong relationships, which convinced him to join the Metwork team. He spent 14 impactful years at the American Association for Justice (AAJ) and a decade in the hospitality sector before starting at Metwork. When not working, you'll find Robby hiking throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains with his wife and two Golden Retrievers, Dolly & Wilson, or checking out the vibrant music scene in Asheville, NC. His hospitality roots have fueled a love for travel and exploring new cultures. Whether it's through hiking, music, or connecting with people from different walks of life, Robby is all about creating meaningful experiences. He can't wait to connect with you!

Kris Guadarrama(he/him)
Lead Product Designer

With 20 years of crafting award-winning interactive experiences and 16 years in top-notch agencies, Kris is our Lead Product Designer extraordinaire. As a pixel perfectionist, they infuse every project with meticulous detail. Off-duty, Kris is a gourmet maestro in the kitchen, a mixologist of adventurous cocktails, a gaming enthusiast, and a muscle car aficionado. Beyond pixels, their heart beats for mission-driven companies that make a positive impact. Join Kris on a journey where design meets passion, creating seamless and visually stunning experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Metwork Lead Product Designer Kris Guadarrama.

HT (he/him/they)
UI/UX Designer

HT refers to himself as a jack of all trades, while everyone here refers to him as extraordinary. For as long as he can remember, HT has loved art and design. It doesn’t matter whether it’s drawing, sewing, screen printing, or interior design; his joy is in creation. Aesthetics rule his life, and he spends every day in “all things design.” His journey to UI/UX Design started with a recommendation from a long-term friend, and he immediately felt right at home in the world of user experience and interface. When he’s not at his computer designing, HT can be found skateboarding, playing frisbee with his dog, Scooby, or simply enjoying the outdoors. An avid guitarist for nearly 20 years, his love for design is matched only by his love of playing live shows.

Benjamin Monlezun
Lead UX Designer

Benjamin comes to Metwork by way of 15 years of self-discovered UX. Before joining the team, Benjamin honed his UX skills, working in games and toys, health insurance, and agency work. He also started a couple of companies when living in Colorado – a mountain wireless broadband company and a digital service to track lending or borrowing. Benjamin is originally from Louisiana, coming from a typical southern extended family of about 100 or so members. In his free time, he plays guitar, reads and collects books like a fiend, and plays board or card games whenever friends are around his table. He also has the pleasure of having the bestest, cutest corgi on the face of ever.

Metwork Lead UX Designer Benjamin Monlezun

Dania (she/her)
Project Manager

A gym rat who knows her way around a tech stack, Dania is a former engineer turned Project Manager. She’s brought her talents to many fun companies in various roles that helped shape her into the stellar project manager she is today. Dania gained insight into the day-to-day of development while working as a software engineer for MailChimp, IBM, and Salesforce and honed her project manager skills at Gopuff and Salesforce. Her passion lies in building community and creating safe and equitable spaces in technology. When not working, she’s traveling (she particularly loves the beach), taking cooking classes, or lifting with friends.

Eric Armstrong (he/him)
Lead Programmer

Eric’s interest in computer programming started at the age of 12. He turned that passion into a profession lasting over 25 years. Before joining Metwork, Eric brought his expertise to a variety of companies, each one with unique challenges and goals. Just a few highlights–he rebuilt a training management system from a desktop to a web-based application for TRACOM group, helped to build an interactive ride for Idryonis Studios, helped to develop and release a mobile football game for One Room Schoolhouse, and architected, designed, and ran lead on the development of a notifications system for DHI Group Inc.. Outside work, Eric is a lifelong gamer who lives in southern Colorado's mountains on 61 wooded acres, where he raises chickens, ducks, quail, turkeys, and rabbits.

Metwork Lead Programmer, Eric Armstrong.
Metwork Senior Software Engineer, Michael Menard.

Michael Menard (he/him)
Senior Software Engineer

To say Michael is enthusiastic about web and web technologies would be an understatement–he can easily nerd out over memes and web culture for hours. He is passionate about distributed systems and seeing large-scale apps comprising many small parts work together to perform tasks. Out of college, he joined the healthcare company Recondo, working with teams to improve resource allocation from insurance companies and keep hospitals on top of claims and trends. Michael’s interest in technology continues outside of work. He comes from a long line of craftsmen and carries their tradition on and into the future by melding technology into crafting his own furniture. Michael brings his attention to detail and unique perspective to Metwork, where he works to bring our software to life.

Travis (he/him)
Software Engineer

Educated in philosophy, psychology, and software engineering, Travis brings a unique, holistic approach to Metwork. He first stepped into the computer world at age 12 when he began building PCs and soon after transitioned to coding. Much of Travis’ experience focuses on software aimed at improving quality of life. He worked as a Junior Web Developer and Website Administrator with a non-profit organization to help people suffering from mental illness. He also brought his talents as a software developer to CIC Health, a public benefit organization that aided in COVID testing. When not programming, Travis finds passion in rock climbing, the great outdoors, and volunteering.

Metwork Software Engineer, Travis.
Metwork Senior Software Engineer Michael Prechter

Michael Prechter(he/him)
Senior Software Engineer

Michael began his career by studying Polymer Chemistry at NC State University before realizing he didn’t want to spend his time in a lab. After a life-changing bike trip from Virginia to Oregon, he learned to code and began working as a software developer for an ad agency. He created work for Little Caesars, Samsung, Sherwin-Williams, and more. His favorite project was making web-based games for a non-profit that aims to educate every U.S. high school student about personal finances before they graduate. He brings his love of building elegant and performant frontend applications to Metwork. In his free time, he enjoys riding bikes (and building them, too), DIY projects, bouldering, playing guitar, and shooting pool. He loves learning new skills and is mostly self-taught, and according to him, he also has the best dog in the world, Frankie.

Dessi (she/her)
QA Engineer

Dessi comes from the manual Quality Assurance world and loves rolling up her sleeves, messing with any application, and discovering the nitty-gritty issues to ensure every app is working at peak performance. Before joining Metwork, she performed quality assurance for Anheuser-Busch, Nutrislice, Inc., and Motili. A life-long learner, Dessi is currently augmenting her QA skills by learning coding and building frameworks. When not cracking software open, she’s a road-trip junkie, traveling everywhere she can (she loves and misses coastal life). She’s a self-defined food nerd and like most of us at Metwork, a huge dog lover.

Metwork QA Engineer Dessi

Ryan Peters (he/him)
Customer Success Manager

Metwork users couldn’t be in better hands than Ryan’s. A Colorado native, Ryan has always felt passionate about helping people, and with his keen technical ability, he felt especially drawn to working in the tech support field. He has over 7 years of community and technical support experience, working for Dish Network, Best Buy, Trapdoor Technologies, and now Metwork. Ryan has our backs with solving challenges, is quick to offer help when we need an extra hand, and is always a joy to work with. He’s an avid basketball fan (Go Nuggets!) and loves spending time with his Chihuahua/Terrier mix, Kodiak. You can often find him playing video games or slaying dragons during game nights.

Will Osolinsky (he/him)
Product Marketing Manager

Will has been a nomad since before it was cool. He has worked across a broad range of industries in multiple countries contributing to business-building efforts for startups, non-profits, private equity, and large corporations. Will played division 1 college football while earning his MBA and later served as an economic development advisor in the Peace Corps. He brings a user-centric approach to Metwork, helping to align product and marketing. His favorite past times are freediving, screenwriting, cartooning, hiking/camping, and trying every new food that crosses his plate.

Metwork Product Marketing Manager Will Osolinsky.
Metwork Product Marketing Manager Will Osolinsky.
Metwork Content Marketing Manager Frank
Metwork Content Marketing Manager Frank

Frank (they/them)
Content Marketing Manager

An endless creator, Frank is a writer, designer, artist, photographer, and sculptor who continually learns new skills to add to their creative toolbox. After attending the University of Buffalo for Media Studies, Frank moved to Baltimore, where they worked as the creative director for a production company, writing, directing, and editing award-winning commercials, music videos, and web series. After obtaining an art degree in Maryland, they moved back to Upstate New York to take a Web Design and Communications Specialist position at a healthcare company. In their spare time, Frank writes, makes music, and plays video games with their spouse. If you’re reading this and most other Metwork writings, you’ve seen Frank’s contributions.


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