Empower your legal association with Metwork.

Manage your association, grow your membership, and empower your members to reach limitless heights of success with a first-of-its-kind legal network.

Be Limitless. See how your association will thrive on Metwork.

Manage your association.


Metwork utilizes cutting-edge technology designed to streamline processes, save time, and enhance the services provided to your association members. Host your association on Metwork to unlock powerful features to manage your membership.

Organization, Made Simple

Take the stress out of organizing your organization. Easily create, manage, and communicate with your committees and groups. Robust reporting and storage capabilities keep your membership records organized in one central location.

Centralized Billing

Soon Metwork will handle all your billing needs in one place. Manage payments for dues, CLE seminars, and association events, all from your personal Metwork. Easier for your members; better for you.

All Your Communications, One Place

Communicate more efficiently with Metwork. Keep the entire association up to date by publishing events and blog posts. Stay in touch with individual members through private communications. Get the entire organization in on the conversation with Metwork’s proprietary multi-thread chat, Metlist.

Benefit Spotlight: Metlist

MetList provides a powerful communication tool designed specifically for legal associations and their members, offering a more modern and versatile alternative to traditional discussion forums.

Enhanced Collaboration

Metlist enables you to upgrade your discussion forums by integrating Metwork’s already robust collaboration features into the association-wide message threads. Easily visit member profiles directly from Metlist and seamlessly start private conversations or build a dream team.

Notifications Your Way

Metwork allows users to manage and customize their experience easily. Keep your Metlist messages on Metwork or get an email update at whatever frequency keeps you in the know and on the go.

Sleek, Intuitive Design

MetList’s easy-to-use interface allows users to easily navigate, communicate, and manage all of their threads.

Use Metlist to superpower your legal association's discussion forums and keep your members engaged in new ways. 

Grow your membership. 

Growth is key to ensuring the success of your association, but traditional outreach takes time and money. Having a network of matched lawyers to recruit eases the financial and administrative burden. Metwork is that network and comes with a host of benefits for association recruitment.

Auto-match to Success

No need to advertise or actively search when you bring your association to Metwork. New Metwork sign-ups are automatically matched to the right associations, which allows you to focus on member activities and not get bogged down finding new members.

Get Discovered

Metwork’s smart match features extend beyond member-to-member connections. Utilizing tags and guidelines, associations are fully discoverable through Metwork, with no extra charge or work for you.

Increase Interest

Metwork allows you to easily convert association-only posts to content viewable by the entire Metwork community to get attorneys interested in what you’re saying and doing.

Make your members more successful.  

Creating an environment for your members to grow and succeed is key to building a great culture and fostering an association every attorney wants to join.

To help your members succeed, they are granted full access to all of Metwork’s career-building features. Encouraging your members to join our community will allow them to connect with lawyers across different fields of law, build dream teams to win cases, share referrals, and partake in mentorship opportunities.

Enable your members' success and be the association everyone attorney wants to join.

Success through Collaboration

Metwork is growing and expanding our features. We’re working closely with associations like yours to build a place where the entire legal field can come together, grow, and succeed.

See how Metwork can bring your association and members to limitless heights and lend your voice to creating a community that endeavors to create a more inclusive and successful legal field.