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Legal associations on Metwork

Manage your association, grow your membership, and empower your members.

Manage your association.

Metwork utilizes cutting-edge technology designed to streamline processes, save time, and enhance the services provided to your association members. Host your association on Metwork to unlock powerful features to manage your membership.

Grow on autopilot.

Automatically find new members that meet your association criteria. 

An association housed on Metwork.
The store module where associations can sell merchandise or tickets to events.

Customized sales hub.

Reach the legal community with a centralized store to manage dues, CLE seminars, merchandise, and association events, all from your personal Metwork.

All your communications, one roof. 

Post blogs, announce events, and streamline committee conversations.

An event post for a legal association on Metwork.

Benefit spotlight: Metlist.

MetList provides a powerful communication tool designed specifically for legal associations and their members, offering a more modern and versatile alternative to traditional discussion forums.

Enhanced collaboration.

Keep your association on the same page with seamless message threads. There's a Metlist for that.

Notifications your way.

Keep your Metlist messages on Metwork or get an email update at whatever frequency keeps you in the know and on the go.

Sleek, intuitive design.

MetList’s easy-to-use interface allows users to easily navigate, communicate, and manage all of their threads.

A look at the Metlist feature of the association page where lawyers are collaborating with each other on a multi-threaded chat.

Success through collaboration.

Metwork is growing and expanding our features. We’re working closely with associations like yours to build a place where the entire legal field can come together, grow, and succeed.

See how Metwork can bring your association and members to limitless heights and lend your voice to creating a community that endeavors to create a more inclusive and successful legal field.

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