Metwork co-founder Tom Metier and COO Chris Matney talking with AAJ attendee.
Metwork COO Chris Matney (left) and co-founder Tom Metier (middle) talking with AAJ attendee.

Metwork Unveiled at AAJ

Metwork showcased the beta release of our first-of-its-kind legal networking platform at the American Association for Justice 2023 Winter Conference (AAJ), and the reaction exceeded all expectations.

“It was wonderful to get Metwork in front of some of the best attorneys in the country,” Jack Metier, CEO and co-founder said after the conference. “When people saw the software and grasped the opportunities Metwork creates, not only did they sign up themselves, many brought their colleagues straight to our demonstration room to experience the platform firsthand. Metwork will change the legal industry, and AAJ is where we found the originators and innovators who will be the cornerstones of our community.”

Thomas Neville, President of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association.

“The rubber has met the road for Metwork,” Metwork COO Chris Matney said. “We are out in the real world now, and AAJ was the perfect event for our launch.” Metwork invited attendees to explore Metwork’s cutting-edge features. “We talked with engaged lawyers who are eager to learn and embrace new tech. The reception was overwhelmingly positive, and personality tests were a popular topic of conversation and comparison.”

Metwork’s personality test is critical to elevating our users’ experience. The results not only tell lawyers more about themselves but are used with our proprietary algorithm to create “smart matches” that allow for more intentional connections. Our legal community removes walls and enables users to collaborate across fields of law and the country.

“Young lawyers are looking to break the tradition that all legal team members have to come from inside the firm,” Chris said. “They are thinking outside the box and looking to find the best matches - not just the traditional ones. They are focused on results.”

Metwork COO, Chris Matney giving a lawyer attending AAJ a tour of Metwork's legal networking platform.
Metwork COO, Chris Matney giving a lawyer attending AAJ a tour of Metwork's legal networking platform.

Metwork attended AAJ for more than sharing our new networking platform and participating in goat yoga. Team members talked with visitors about their challenges and what a legal networking app should do for them. Knowing the day-to-day roadblocks to success allows Metwork to focus on creating impactful solutions. 

“The level of dissatisfaction with Listservs is very high, and the flood of emails that lawyers experience daily is debilitating,” Chris reported. “Many lawyers have given up and would embrace a smarter way to communicate than email and text messages. Any technology that would streamline the legal process and make things simpler will be embraced.”

Co-founder and CEO, Jack Metier at AAJ ready to talk to lawyers about Metwork's legal networking platform.
Metwork co-founder and CEO, Jack Metier at AAJ.

Thankfully for those who couldn’t make it to AAJ, we’ve opened the beta to the entire legal community. Lawyers can join for free and connect with other forward-thinking professionals to share referrals and build dream teams. We look forward to lawyers nationwide bringing their voices and expertise to our network.

Sign up now and start exploring what lawyers from AAJ are already experiencing.