First-of-its-kind Legal Networking Platform Launches

Read the latest press release regarding Metwork's debut of its new platform at the American Association for Justice 2023 Winter Conference (AAJ).

Tom Metier (center) talking with guests (right) of AAJ's 2023 Winter Conference while Jack Metier (left) listens in.
Tom Metier (center) talking with guests (right) of AAJ's 2023 Winter Conference while Jack Metier (left) listens in.

For Immediate Release: 3/8/2023

Denver, CO: Metwork is announcing the beta release of its new lawyer-only networking platform, Metwork is a first-of-its-kind platform that connects lawyers nationwide to create dream teams for cases, send, receive, and track referrals, and offer free mentorship opportunities.

A growing disconnect in the legal community inspired Metwork co-founder Tom Metier, a triple board-certified attorney out of Colorado. “When I started practicing in the 80s, there used to be motion days, where lawyers from many practice areas would come together in the same courtroom. I could connect with colleagues outside my field of law and create relationships for referrals, mentorship, and team building. Then the internet came around, motion days disappeared, and everything became hyper focused. We started only interacting with lawyers in our field, and it felt like walls were built between different specialties. Now we have new lawyers coming out of school, not having a way to connect and grow the way I got to when I graduated. It is a very lonely way to practice law. That’s why I came up with Metwork.”

“This is for individual lawyers to make connections they might not have gotten a chance to make in the past,” Metwork co-founder and CEO Jack Metier explains. “Practicing law can be very lonely–most of the time, it’s just you and your book and your brief. One of Metwork’s main goals is to bring human relationships back into practicing law. The other goal is diversity in all of its forms. We want to open up the ability to collaborate with lawyers in different specialties, backgrounds, and locations. You no longer have to rely on connections from your firm or area. We want lawyers to build the best teams with no boundaries.”

Metwork elevates networking for lawyers in a new way. A personality test during signup highlights the innovation of the platform. Test results run through a proprietary algorithm to create “smart matches” when searching for new connections. Metwork vets all signups to ensure users are bar-certified to develop intentional, trustworthy matches throughout the legal community.

Metwork debuted the beta release at the American Association for Justice (AAJ) 2023 Winter Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. “The rubber has met the road for Metwork,” Metwork COO, Chris Matney, said after the conference. “We are out in the real world now, and AAJ was the perfect event for our launch. We talked with engaged lawyers eager to learn and embrace new tech. The reception was overwhelmingly positive, and personality tests were a popular topic of conversation and comparison.”

Attorneys who want to elevate their voice, connect with other attorneys, generate referrals, and share career experiences can sign up and learn more at  

About Metwork: 
Founded in Colorado in 2021, Metwork is the only curated attorney networking platform. Inspired by co-founder Tom Metier’s early days of practicing law, Metwork aims to remove walls within the legal community and create a space to build dream teams, share referrals, and connect with lawyers in different legal fields. Tom Metier is a triple board-certified attorney out of Colorado with over 40 years of experience. Jack Metier, CEO and co-founder, is a settlement documentarian who has worked closely with legal firms and their clients for over 10 years. They created Metwork to bring human connections back to the legal field. Learn more a