A New Lawyer’s Guide to Metwork

Metwork is a first-of-its-kind legal networking platform that every new lawyer should join to jumpstart their career and build connections with other attorneys. We break down the benefits for you.

A phone with Metwork open. A new lawyers guide to Metwork.


Congratulations, you’ve passed the bar and are ready to take on the legal world. Maybe you dream of becoming a partner at a major law firm, or you want to open a small practice and fight for the rights of those injured. Whatever you aspire to be, your journey should start with joining Metwork.

What is Metwork?

Metwork is a first-of-its-kind legal networking platform that guides attorneys to more meaningful connections with fellow lawyers. Starting as an idea from Colorado personal injury lawyer Tom Metier, Metwork grew to be a powerful tool for anyone practicing law.

We verify that all our attorney-members are bar-certified, so you don’t have to worry if the person on the other end of the computer is actually who they claim to be. In addition, our smart-match technology uses many factors, including a proprietary personality test you take during sign-up, to sort lawyers who match your search criteria and personality type to the top of the results. (Learn more about the personality types and how they work with Metwork here.)

Every tool in Metwork is based on fostering connections. Your network of verified lawyers is key to unlocking the power of Metwork. As your “Metwork” grows, so does your ability to quickly build dream teams for cases, share referrals, discover a whole world of associations, and partake in mentorship opportunities. In the following sections, we’ll show you how to utilize all of Metwork to take your legal career to limitless heights.

Build Dream Teams

Having the right legal team can be the difference between success and failure. A team of lawyers can also bring new or different ideas for approaching the case than just working on it yourself. In addition, surrounding yourself with experienced attorneys is a great way to learn a lot about the legal field that may take decades to find out on your own.

Metwork helps you reach out and create a dream team custom-built for every case. With the Teams section, you easily set the parameters and needs for the case and then invite lawyers to join and collaborate. You can start with your current Metwork contacts and then quickly search for qualified attorneys to fill any gaps. Our search will guide you to the most qualified lawyers to join the team.

Once you have the team set, stay in Metwork to work on the case with our team-specific features. Upload and share documents amongst the group, create and manage private team chats, and track progress. When the case is over, you can leave feedback for your teammates and track your relationship with individual members. That way, when you build your next team, you can call upon those you clicked with.

The Teams section also allows attorneys building cases to discover you. The ability to join teams that excite you and bring new experiences opens up a whole new avenue to further your legal career. And with each new team you join, you can hone your skills, learn from your colleagues, and become part of the greater legal community. You are no longer bound to who you know in your area. The legal world is at your fingertips.

Increase your Referral Network

As we covered in another article (which you can read here), a recent report shows that 1 in 5 people choose their lawyer based on another lawyer’s guidance. Therefore, having a strong referral network of talented, good-standing lawyers, who are quick to respond, should be a top priority for any new lawyer. Sending and receiving referrals is a great way to grow your practice and legal career.

Stepping into the world of referrals, especially without a preexisting network of attorneys, can seem daunting, but Metwork takes the stress out of it. Our Referrals section is built on the same smart-match technology as the rest of the platform, meaning your search for talented lawyers in the right field of law is as easy as filling out a little information. You can then send the referral to someone already in your network or allow Metwork to guide you to good-standing lawyers who fit the client’s criteria. You’re also eligible to receive referrals in the same section, opening up a new area of business.

Building your referral network inside Metwork will save you time sending referrals and give you a new avenue to receive them. You can review intake information, discuss case details with the sender, and even negotiate fee-sharing agreements directly inside the platform. You can also track your referral history to see your most valuable relationships.

Discover Associations

Joining legal associations opens up a myriad of benefits for your new legal career. Associations offer educational opportunities that go towards completing your Continuing Legal Education (CLE) requirements. You also benefit from networking with fellow members to gain contacts for referrals, accessing the association’s resources, and having a community of other legal professionals to support you. Finally, gaining entry into an association can show your commitment to your craft and clients.

Much like everything else in the legal field, researching associations can be a huge time suck. And much like everything else we’ve discussed in this article, Metwork has a solution. Our newly released Associations tool is a place for associations to bring their presence into the Metwork legal community and connect with their members in a more streamlined and meaningful way.

Our new feature will make it easier for you to find and join associations from across the country. Using the same technology as previous sections, Metwork guides you to join associations best suited for you, reducing the time sink from seeking associations out on your own. Once accepted to the association, you gain access to association-specific features, such as Metlist, a powerful communication tool that replaces traditional forums, blogs and event posts, and soon, we’re adding an ability to pay dues through Metwork.

Partake in Mentorships

You can learn a lot about the legal field through schooling, but having a mentor is vital to gaining a deeper insight into practicing law in the real world. It takes a lot of research and sometimes getting through some less-than-ideal matches to find a mentor that clicks with you and brings valuable information that enriches your legal career.

Metwork’s core connection functionality is perfect for reducing the stress of finding a top-quality mentor that fits your personality. In addition, our Mentorship section comes equipped with our smart-match technology that allows you to narrow your search to specific locations, fields of law, and specialty areas. Based on your search criteria and personality types, the results are then ranked to display the best mentor matches. From there, you only need to send a request to your selected mentor and get back to helping clients while they review your request.

Be Limitless.

Metwork is built to bring the legal community together to have more meaningful connections, speed up time-consuming processes, and empower every member to reach limitless heights of success. Metwork grew from a seed of an idea planted by an accomplished attorney looking to create a space for lawyers to come together and prosper. It was brought to fruition by an expert team of designers and engineers, along with feedback from lawyers and legal associations. And with each new member, it’s blossoming into a garden that will reap the rewards for everyone in the legal community.

Be an innovator. The strength of Metwork is in you and every other lawyer excited to connect and collaborate. Innovators who sign-up before October 1st will receive a 2023 membership for free and special launch pricing for 2024.

Join our free beta now and expand your reach on the only “Metwork” designed for attorneys.