Metwork Unveils Advanced Legal Association Functionality

Metwork is excited to announce the release of a new feature that empowers legal associations to connect with their members in a new and meaningful way.

Empower your legal association with Metwork's first-of-its-kind legal networking platform.

For Immediate Release: 4/27/2023

Denver, CO: Metwork, a first-of-its-kind legal networking platform, is excited to announce the release of a new section created exclusively for legal associations. Building upon the already robust networking features, the Associations Section adds tools that empower legal associations to connect with their members in a new and meaningful way.

"Metwork was created to empower our individual users,” Metwork co-founder and CEO Jack Metier said. “Now, we are also the place for associations to thrive. The new Association Section will revolutionize the professional legal networking landscape. Organizations can manage their association, grow their membership, and make their members more successful inside our dynamic ecosystem that nurtures professional growth and fosters a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing."

From its inception, Metwork utilized insight from the legal community to craft a platform that would meet their needs to help them continue to grow and be successful. The Association Section grew from co-founder Tom Metier’s conversations with association leadership.

“In talking with colleagues, I learned there are many challenges associations would like addressed,” Tom Metier said. “They are looking for a better way to connect and communicate with their members, attract new lawyers to join, and for their members to have more growth opportunities. I said, ‘Metwork can do that.’ They also shared their frustrations with billing and a wish for everything from member dues, CLE registration, and webinar revenue collection to be housed in one location. I took this information back to our design team, and we collaborated on a solution. Frankly, what we have come up with is pretty amazing.”

Metwork’s new Association Section addresses those challenges and more. Section features include a centralized hub to organize and communicate with members, robust reporting and storage capabilities to keep membership records in one centralized location, and the ability to create and share events and blog posts. A key feature of the new section is Metlist, a powerful communication tool designed specifically for legal associations and their members, offering a more modern and versatile alternative to traditional discussion forums. Future releases will include centralized billing for dues, events, and CLE registration.

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About Metwork:

Founded in Colorado in 2021, Metwork is the only curated attorney networking platform. Inspired by co-founder Tom Metier’s early days of practicing law, Metwork aims to remove walls within the legal community and create a space to build dream teams, share referrals, and connect with lawyers in different legal fields. Tom Metier is a triple board-certified attorney out of Colorado with over 40 years of experience. Jack Metier, CEO, and co-founder, is a settlement documentarian who has worked closely with legal firms and their clients for over 10 years. They created Metwork to bring human connections back to the legal field. Learn more a