Metwork is Visiting Alaska

At the end of May, Metwork will join the Mother Truckers to talk about networking, collaboration, and strengthening the legal community.

A tractor trailer on a snowy road. Above the truck is the text, We're heading to Alaska.

We’re traveling! Virtually that is.

At the end of May, the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys’ group for Women Plaintiff Truck Lawyers, also known as the Mother Truckers, are heading up to Soldotna, Alaska, for an educational retreat. The week-long event focuses on the law side of trucking and the hands-on side of trucking, including the opportunity to drive a big rig. While not much can top that, attendees will get to explore the Alaskan countryside during off-times, which is definitely an added bonus.

While most of the Metwork team would have gladly volunteered to appear in person, we’ll join the group for a virtual session to discuss the importance of a strong, collaborative legal community.

We’re excited to get to meet with the Mother Truckers,” Metwork co-founder and CEO Jack Metier said. “They are a great group of lawyers and are always looking for new approaches to improve their practices. We look forward to discussing ways to strengthen their legal community and show them what Metwork can do.

The Mother Truckers go beyond trucking litigation. One of their overarching goals is to empower women to network with each other, hold each other up, market themselves, and view other women as collaborators.

We look forward to connecting with them, discussing opening up new networking opportunities, and how the legal community can grow through collaboration.

Learn more about the event here.