3 Tips for Growing a Trusted Legal Network with Metwork

Joining Metwork creates limitless opportunities to superpower your legal career, and that begins with growing a trusted legal network. We’ve got you covered.

A lawyer sitting on the world while expanding her legal network.

One of Metwork’s most powerful functions is your ability to curate strong legal networks of trusted lawyers for teams, referral networks, mentorship, and community empowerment. Having your “Metwork” allows you to expand your practice, quickly send referrals, and define your legal journey.

After joining Metwork, your first inclination might be to hop into the Network section and search for new lawyers to bring into your Metwork. That's a great idea, but before you add everyone, we’ve put together three tips for creating a strong, trusted legal network that opens limitless possibilities for you and your legal career.

Add 5 Lawyers You Know and Trust

With a world of lawyers at your fingertips, adding your core group might not be your first thought, but it should be. We encourage every new Metwork user to add the top five colleagues they trust to their network.

If they aren’t part of Metwork yet, you can ask them to join from within the software:

Starting with five lawyers you know and trust gives your network a good base, especially when your five colleagues follow your lead and add five of their own trusted colleagues. Connect with them too, and your network just grew by over 400%. That’s a great start to a powerful, trusted network.

Add 5 Lawyers From Your Local Area

After adding your core group to your network (and their core groups as well), your next step should be adding five lawyers from your local area. We encourage you to focus on those that practice different fields of law than you.

This group is essential for numerous reasons. First, it opens up referral opportunities for local clients, speeding up the referral process and getting the client high-quality help quicker. Bonus, you can use the Metwork Referral tool to send detailed referrals directly to your colleague, reducing the chance of phone tag or missed emails. When you put in your referral details, Metwork suggests attorneys both in and outside of your connections (learn more about the Referral Tool here).

Plus, a network of attorneys you can meet in person for coffee and a chat creates new opportunities for advice, collaboration, and friendship.

Add 5 Lawyers From Across the Country

Your next step should be searching for lawyers within your field of law that practice in other parts of the country. Metwork makes searching simple, and our compatibility score quickly identifies lawyers that could be the most beneficial to connect with.

Having a nationwide network of attorneys in the same field of law opens numerous perks to further your career and enhance your community. As relationships grow, so do opportunities for co-counseling cases, sharing expertise, and establishing yourself in the legal community. Having a nationwide network of lawyers will further your experience and hone your skills in ways you’d never even thought of.

Taking your first steps into Metwork is an exciting time. You have the keys to unlock limitless potential for you and your career. Ensuring you have a strong network of trusted colleagues will enhance your Metwork experience and enrich your legal journey.

Be limitless. Sign up for Metwork today, follow our network-expanding tips, and enjoy the benefits of joining a trusted legal community.