Product Update: Welcome Paralegals

Our design and dev teams have been hard at work improving Metwork with new features and tools to enhance your experience. Our newest update, Version 0.8.0 brings paralegals to the Metwork party.

Product Update Release Notes - [0.8.0], a paralegal working on a case with a lawyer.

Paralegals are the backbone of the legal community, and with the latest update, we are bringing them right into Metwork.

With the release of Version [0.8.0], paralegals can now join Metwork through sponsorship from a verified lawyer. Paralegal accounts have the ability to network with the Metwork community, assist with legal referrals, partake in mentorship, and join legal teams to assist on cases.

Below are the nitty-gritty details of the upgrade.

New Features:

  • Sponsorship: Our curated community is built on security and trust. That is why all attorneys are vetted before gaining access. Since paralegals do not have a centralized equivalent to a bar card, our new functionality allows them to request sponsorship from a verified lawyer.
    • If that lawyer is part of Metwork, they will receive an in-software notification to confirm or deny sponsorship.
    • If the lawyer isn’t part of Metwork, they will receive an email with an invitation to join and sponsor the paralegal.
  • Onboarding: Guiding the legal community to better connections is the backbone of Metwork. To ensure paralegals receive the best guided suggestions, we released an onboarding process designed specifically for paralegals.
  • Functionality: Paralegals now have access to Metwork’s career-defining tools.
    • Network: Paralegals can view their current Metwork connections, search and connect with users outside their network, and invite colleagues to join Metwork.
    • Messages: Paralegals can send and receive personal, team, and association messages within Metwork.
    • Teams: Paralegals can join and create case teams.
    • Referrals*: Create and review referrals, set the referral queue, discuss and decline a case, assign referral to a lawyer for acceptance, be assigned as a team member, and be assigned as a team lead. Lawyers can reassign referrals to paralegals to run.
      • *Note: In the Referral section, Paralegals do not have the ability to negotiate fees or sign referrals.
    • Associations: Paralegals can join and create associations.
    • Mentorship: Paralegals can mentor, become a mentee, or partake in co-mentorship opportunities.

Enhancements and Improvements:

  • Added HEIC (Apple) image format support to the app, allowing users to upload a profile photo taken with their iPhones.

Paralegals who sign-up before October 1st will get all of 2023 for free. Don't hesitate; join the exclusive legal community designed with career-building tools and time-saving features to guide you to limitless heights.

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