Product Update: Mentorship Match

The development team has been at it again with new updates to improve your experience on Metwork. The latest release, Version [0.9], brings enhanced features to the Mentorship module. Learn more.

Product Update Release Notes Version 0.9.0. A lawyer mentoring another lawyer.

One of our most popular modules has gotten an update. Nicknamed “Mentorship Match for Success,” our latest release, version [0.9] brings enhanced features to the Mentorship module. The update is aimed at improving user experience, providing clearer user feedback, and facilitating better mentorship relationships with enhanced check-in and goal maintenance.

We are also excited to announce that we’ve expanded our mentorship roles to include co-mentors. This role is perfect for users looking for a “gym buddy.” Co-mentors work together to problem solve, be a sympathetic ear, and push each other to achieve limitless possibilities.

Here’s the complete list of features included in this update. 

Enhancements and Improvements:

  • Updated Mentorship module brings you more information, including feedback on productivity, discipline, and quality, goal progress, and mentorship relationships.
  • Updated Profiles to include Mentorship section.
  • Updated onboarding includes the ability to opt-in to mentorship. Roles include:
    • Mentee - Connect to a legal professional with experience to share.
    • Mentor - Guide, teach, and grow by sharing expertise with others.
    • Co-Mentor - Team up with a colleague to push each other to greatness.
  • Added the ability to opt-in to mentorship roles through the mentorship module.
  • Added Philosophy section for users to share their mentorship philosophy. This block lets potential matches to get to know your mentorship style better.
  • Enhanced the search and invite functions in the Mentorship module.
    • Added the ability to send a personal note to the mentorship invite.
  • Added goals and meeting frequency to mentorship block.
    • Users can set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly meetings with their mentorship partner.
    • Users can set goals for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly meetings.
    • Users can update goals.
      • Mark as complete or incomplete.
      • Change the goal they are working towards accomplishing.
      • Set goals for your co-mentor to ensure you’re both on track.
    • Users can track and review progress on their goals.
    • Users can send advice to their mentorship partner.
  • Users can “Check-in” with their mentorship partners directly from the mentorship block.
    • Easily create a direct message without leaving the mentorship module.
  • Users can have more than one mentorship relationship.
  • Users can end mentorship relationships.
    • Users have the option to add feedback into why they are ending the relationship.
  • Added additional mentorship notifications, including in-app and email.

Mentorship Match for Success is currently live on Metwork. If you’re a user, you can start utilizing it now. If you’re not a member, there is no better time than now to experience our first-of-its-kind legal networking software. Users who sign-up before October 1st will get all of 2023 for free. Don’t wait. That date is fast approaching.

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