Save Time and Give Your Legal Career a Boost

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Save time and give your legal career a boost with Metwork.

We all know you can make fire by rubbing two sticks together, but it takes time and a lot of effort. Enter matches. We no longer have to labor away, hoping to work up enough friction to produce a spark. Fire is now a flick of the wrist away.

Being a lawyer is a lot like creating a friction fire. Whether you’re just starting or have been in the business for decades, practicing law takes time and a lot of effort. Lawyers spend endless hours growing a career, building case teams, and helping clients. How does anyone expect you to have a work-life balance?

Good news, there’s a better way to practice. Enter Metwork.

Designed in partnership with the legal community for the legal community, our first-of-its-kind networking platform revolutionizes the way lawyers practice law. With Metwork, you can spend less time finding the right person and more time doing whatever your heart desires. Whether it’s taking on additional cases, spending time with your family, or just hitting the links for a round of golf, having control over your life and the power to do more with less is crucial to pushing the legal profession forward. Using a proprietary algorithm and machine-based learning, Metwork intelligently guides you to better connections within the legal community, curated for each unique situation.

Why are Metwork’s intelligent connections valuable? Every lawyer cultivates a network that they use to grow their business with legal referrals, to pull together teams for bigger cases, or to have a sympathetic ear to talk through challenges. That network can be small, massive, or somewhere between, but it is always limited. Metwork expands your reach across the entire legal community and takes the grunt work out of finding the perfect connection.

Let’s drill down into how our intelligent connections save you time and effort.

Curated referrals drive efficiency and effectiveness.

Referrals are a great way to gain experience, build relationships with fellow attorneys, and increase your profits, but they take time and can hurt your reputation if done incorrectly. As discussed in a previous article, 1 in 5 clients choose their lawyer based on another lawyer’s guidance. Leveraging referrals should be top of mind for most lawyers.

You have to keep referral etiquette front and center. Promptness is critical for sending referrals, and you must ensure you send a client to a reputable lawyer. You can’t afford to miss on either of these marks. For receiving referrals, you want to make sure you have all the information before accepting, and like sending a referral, be prompt. Remember, a client depends on this referral.

Metwork is optimized to address all three of these points. By utilizing our Referrals section, senders can swiftly add all the necessary information and search for reputable, verified lawyers. Our system intelligently guides matches based on fields of law and feedback from other users. Gone are the days of flipping through contacts or requesting suggestions from colleagues, hoping to find the right match. Lawyers who receive referrals can quickly review the information to ensure they are the right fit and then easily open a dialogue to negotiate any fees or involvement from the referring lawyer.

A process that used to take hours or days can be done in a fraction of the time, helping the client quicker, increasing your profit and reputation, and giving you time back to spend how you’d like.

Spend less time building case teams and more time winning cases.

Building a team for a case is not easy. Building a dream team for a case is even harder. You either need to pull from existing contacts, hoping they’ll perform, or research new connections, which bloats the time it takes to assemble the team. With this complicated process, some may rely on the same group of colleagues, whether they are right or not. Others may even forego putting a team together and, instead, “go at it alone.”

Neither of those options are ideal. First, using the same group of colleagues on every case, regardless of the need, creates blindspots, missed opportunities, and a lack of perspective on essential aspects of the case. When you go at it alone, you could be putting your clients at a considerable disadvantage. Mistakes increase when you don’t have the right team in place, and you may miss important opportunities if you wait too long to pull a team together.

Metwork believes that case teams are at their strongest when composed of people with diverse specialties, expertise, and experiences. With that goal in mind, our Teams section utilizes intelligent connection technology to guide team member suggestions to easily and quickly fill your case team with the right person to meet your case’s needs. Spend less time “figuring the team out” and more time preparing to win your client’s case.

Find better mentorship opportunities quicker.

Sharing knowledge, learning from your colleagues, and working together to problem-solve benefits every attorney in the legal field. Engaging in mentorship is vital to get a jumpstart on legal knowledge that would otherwise take years to learn. Conversely, if you’re a seasoned attorney, you should consider being a mentor. Research shows that people learn more and perform better from teaching others (it’s called the Protégé Effect).

Whether you’re a mentor or mentee, finding the right mentorship match can take time and a lot of effort (definitely a recurring theme of this article). You need to ensure that your personalities click and the relationship is a two-way street. Not doing your due diligence can lead to wasted time and repeated work if you need to abandon the relationship and search for a new one.

Metwork’s Mentorship section was created to minimize the time it takes to find the right person and maximize the impact of your mentoring relationship. Intelligent connections take center stage with this part as well. Our software quickly guides you to mentorship matches that connect with your personality, goals, and field of law. We also offer tools to easily connect throughout the mentorship process, saving time, effort, and headaches.

Don’t waste your time; reclaim your time. Metwork’s intelligent connections enhance speed and quality when searching for colleagues. Our networking platform is easy to use and can streamline any lawyer’s workflow, no matter how efficient it may already be. There’s a better way to practice, and that way is Metwork.

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