Connecting with the Legal Community at ATAA 2023

Metwork brought the power of positive relationships in the legal field to Atlanta.

Product Marketing Manager, Will and Major Account Manager, Robby at ATAA 2023.
Product Marketing Manager, Will and Major Account Manager, Robby at ATAA 2023.

At the end of September, we headed to Georgia to attend the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA’s) 2023 Annual Symposium. Held at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, the three-day event focused on bringing trial-winning training for lawyers specializing in trucking accidents.

We showcased the newest version of our first-of-its-kind networking software created just for the legal community. “Sharing our vision with attorneys and paralegals at ATAA was invigorating,” Metwork CEO and co-founder Jack Metier said after the event. “Time after time, I saw people’s eyes light up as they realized the possibilities that Metwork creates. There was particularly strong interest in how this will make their referral process more streamlined, robust, and profitable. Beyond referrals, members building networks across fields of law and geographic barriers will lead to more learning, more trust, and more opportunities.”

Built on the power of positive relationships, Metwork aims to revolutionize the legal field by bringing lawyers and paralegals from across the country and fields of law together in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Our software isn’t just another social media app–only verified members of the legal community can join, and every user has equal access to features. Our legal community is meant to bypass gatekeepers and allow everyone to shine, whether you’ve recently passed the bar or a senior partner in big law.

Atlanta marked the second ATAA convention Metwork has attended. "What stood out to me from ATAA 2023 was the dedication shown by the lawyers and paralegals in attendance,” Metwork’s Product Marketing Manager, Will, said. “Winning a case requires months or years of preparation, which must be completed with a watchmaker's precision. I'm honored to have been a part of such a high-caliber meeting of the minds."

Plans are in place for Metwork to attend future legal conferences. Check back often for updates on Metwork appearances, or sign up for our newsletter below and get updates mailed directly to your inbox.