Product Update: Harmony (update) and Dreamwork

The design and development teams are continuing their work to bring updates to our legal-networking platform. Check out what enhancements are included in the newest releases.

Product Update Harmony and Dreamwork

We're back again with the latest releases to Metwork. Version 1.2.1 and Version 1.3.0 are the first updates since moving the software from Beta to Live.

The updates bring a series of features and improvements facilitating communication, enhancing the sign-up process, and making collaboration even easier.

Check out a complete list of what's included in these releases. 

New Features:

  • Users are now able to build a special team to focus on projects, events, and goals
    • Case-specific fields, such as client information, case status, and field of law, were removed from special teams. 
  • Association managers can now build custom forms for members to fill out as part of the registration process.
  • A financial report feature was made available for association stores.
  • Users can now cancel their Metwork membership by clicking a button in billing.

Enhancements and Improvements:

  • References to the beta version of Metwork were removed.
  • Improvements were made to the attorney and paralegal credential approval process.
    • Emails and notifications were implemented to notify attorneys and paralegals about the status of credential approvals after signing up.
    • iPad Pro functionality was improved to match that of desktop screens.
  • New notifications and emails were added to the referral process.
  • Improvements were made to payment and billing.
    • The option to use a saved card or a new type of payment was added to check-out.
    • Payment confirmation was added to check-out, letting a user know whether their payment was successful.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that required users to click “continue” twice before payment.
  • Emails that are part of the paralegal verification process now display the correct profile picture.
  • The expand chat icon in Metlist was fixed to open a thread instead of triggering an error.
  • Billing in the sign-up process now has a scroll bar.
  • The Metlist digest email now takes users to the correct conversation and is no longer sending duplicates.

The latest updates are currently live and available to all users. Join now to discover the power of positive relationships in the legal field.

Stay up-to-date on all upgrades to Metwork by visiting our Release Notes page.