Product Update: November Release

Metwork's November Product Update is live and available for all users. Accomplish your goals together with this latest update. Learn more.

Product Update November

We're back with more updates to the software. Collaborating has never been easier than with Metwork’s November release. Focused on improving existing features, November's updates place a heavy emphasis on processes that help users accomplish goals together.

Find a full list of features, enhancements, and bug fixes below. 

New Features:

  • Version 1 of Project Teams was launched, improving details and the dashboard for teams built to focus on projects and goals instead of legal cases. 

Enhancements and Improvements:

  • Made improvements to the referral process:
    • Referral details automatically appear once a recipient chooses to discuss the case. 
    • Attorneys can now create one or more case teams after a referral is transferred to them, with auto-populated details about the case.
  • The UI in the team building flow was updated, displaying more information and different views. 
  • Communication during the paralegal sign-up process was improved with information on how data will be used.
  • Files, gifs, images, and voice note button were added to all message types.

Bug Fixes:

  • Paralegals are now able to enter a new law firm when they sign up for Metwork, instead of selecting from the existing list of law firms.
  • Fixed bugs that were part of the referral process:
    • Term notes are only posted once and are no longer being duplicated.
    • Referral status now update after the sender withdraws or when a referral is complete.
    • Referrals in the table are no longer being duplicated.
    • Copy tells users the case location when a new referral is sent.
    • Users can set referral fees without receiving an error message. 
    • The set terms button now works whether the referral details are open or closed.
    • Fixed UI formatting across referrals.
    • Terms added to a referral negotiation are saved and no longer overwrite previous terms.
    • Error and success messages are triggered at the correct time.
  • When a user changes the status of their team, the change is now reflected on the dashboard. 
  • Team leaders can delete empty sections in the links section of their team dashboard.

The latest updates are currently live and available to all users. Join now to start collaborating with other legal professionals.

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