Product Update: January Release

Metwork's January Product Update brings enhanced features across the board, giving members the option for more privacy and more public discussion. Learn more.

Product Update January, two lawyers working securely on Metwork.

The new year brings enhanced features across the board. Amongst those features are the option for more privacy and more opportunities for public discussion. We've also focused on increased data transparency and options that allow members to control how their personal information is displayed.

Find a full list of features, enhancements, and bug fixes below. 

Enhancements and Improvements:

  • Privacy and visibility states were added to the Metwork onboarding process. Members can toggle settings to decide whether they want certain information displayed or hidden. New content was added to each onboarding step to inform members how the data will be used. 
  • Improvements were made to Referrals:
    • Instructions on the final referral step updated to clarify the process.
    • Referral interface design was updated.
    • Buttons on referral emails and notifications now navigate to the correct step.
  • Attorneys can build and preview custom onboarding forms when creating an Association.
  • Paralegal capabilities were improved on the site, removing irrelevant tasks such as referrals.
  • Genius suggestions, that show potential connections in Referrals and Network, have been enhanced.

Bug Fixes:

  • New messages are no longer covered by image, recording, emoji, and gif options.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented members from finishing onboarding.
  • Members are now able to view feedback from other colleagues. 
  • Fixed a bug that prevented members from using the notification buttons. 
  • Updating team details no longer triggers another team invite email. 
  • Members can now expand messages from the small chat window within an Association Metlist.

The latest updates are currently live and available to all users. Book a demo today to learn how Metwork fits with your practice. 

Stay up-to-date on all upgrades to Metwork by visiting our Release Notes page.