The Metwork Success Rodeo: A Resounding Success

The Metwork team held the first-ever Success Rodeo at AAJ’s 2024 Winter Conference in Austin. Get a peek at the fun.

Metwork Success Rodeo. A cowboy lawyer riding a bucking horse.

Trick roping and barrel racing and bull dancing, oh my! Our team brought the Metwork Success Rodeo to the American Association for Justice (AAJ) 2024 Winter convention in Austin, Texas, where attendees competed, collaborated, and came together to celebrate the legal community. 

“We were almost overwhelmed by how many attorneys competed,” Metwork co-founder and CEO Jack Metier said. “People jumped at the chance to use a lasso, dance with an inflatable bull, and race around hay bales while ‘riding’ a stick horse. Sure, people were competing for our championship belt buckles, but I think they really just wanted the chance to cut loose in a professional setting.”

“To be a trial lawyer is hard work, so being able to be silly and have experiences in between CLE classes and sessions was a huge success,” Metwork Major Account Manager Tara Lee said. “This is my first convention working for Metwork, and it was incredible, to say the least. Having been to AAJ conventions in the past, I knew it would be a great gathering of top-notch attorneys, and now we learned AAJ has some cowboy attorneys hiding in the hay. The attendees fully embraced our rodeo, and the reception for a fun, unique, interactive experience from an AAJ sponsor/vendor knocked our boots off.”

On Saturday, professional trick roper Kevin Fitzpatrick drew attendees into the Success Rodeo. His skills awed attendees of all ages, and everyone got in on the fun. He even shared some tricks and techniques with poping contestants, reinforcing the importance of community. “We can’t all be trick ropers,” Tara said, “but having one in your network puts you ahead of the competition. If you have the right community, you’re in a better position to win your case or rodeo competition.”

Trick Roper Kevin Fitzpatrick with attendees.

While the Success Rodeo was the place for lawyers to show their ranching skills, it was more than just friendly games; it focused on empowering legal professionals to Be Seen, Be Paid, and Be Great. Metwork co-founder and 40-year trial lawyer Tom Metier shared inspirational lessons at the Success Rodeo learning stations, highlighting how a little bit of work and the right community can propel you to be the lawyer you want to be. (Don’t worry, these lessons are not exclusive to the event, you can check them out here.) These lessons dovetailed with the rodeo’s “Brand Yourself” station. 

“We asked lawyers, ‘What do you want your colleagues to think when they hear your name?’” Jack said. “It was great to see people take a minute to reflect on their careers and deeply consider how they want to be seen.  Time and again, people searched through our collection of wooden badges with 75 custom phrases, weighed one against another, and then got a big smile as they said, ‘This one! This is me.’”

Brand Yourself Lanyard Badges

Between attempts at roping a big-horned hay bale or pirouetting with a blown-up bovine, attendees shared their thoughts on current concerns and interests. “Attending the AAJ Winter Convention provided a unique opportunity to learn from those among the plaintiff’s trial bar,” Metwork Major Account Manager Robby Daniels said. “A handful of topics kept emerging. First was the continued integration of technology into legal practice. Lawyers are interested in how software can streamline the referral process, facilitate networking, and improve the client experience. 

“They also discussed that a trend toward specialization within their practice was evident. Many lawyers expressed a desire for better ways to connect with specialists for case collaboration. There's a growing recognition of the value of leveraging diverse expertise to enhance case outcomes.

“Finally, attendees shared that in a competitive market, finding effective strategies for client acquisition and firm marketing remains a priority. Lawyers are exploring innovative marketing approaches and networking platforms to distinguish their services and attract new clients.

"The evolving priorities and challenges that attorneys mentioned further illustrate the need for solutions like Metwork that address these concerns while promoting efficiency, collaboration, and professional growth within the legal community.”

“AAJ’s Winter Conference just reinforced how important a robust, thriving community is key to bringing the best for your client,” Tara said. “Speaking with attendees was incredible. It reaffirms the need for Metwork in the legal community and how our platform is going to transform the way lawyers do business.”

Metwork Success Rodeo Winners (left to right), Tara Kellermeyer, Marc Whitehead, and Anthony John Vessel

We want to thank all the participants in the Metwork Succes Rodeo. And let’s give an extra shoutout to the winners:

Bull Riding Champion: Marc Whitehead

Roping Champion: Tara Kellermeyer

Barrell Racing Champion: Anthony John Vessel

If you missed out on the fun, that’s okay; we’ll be attending more shows soon. To stay up-to-date on all appearances and to learn more ways to empower your legal career, make sure to follow us on the social media of your choice (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram).