Product Update: February Release

Metwork's February product update saw referral enhancements, refreshed emails, and squashed bugs. Read more to discover the details of this release.

Product Update February

Our design and development teams were at it again, bringing new enhancements to Metwork users.

In our February release, we've made navigating referrals easier with clearer interfaces and more flexible fee options. Bug fixes ensure a smoother experience for members, from easily accessing membership plans to enjoying tailored network recommendations. 

Check out all the details below. 

Enhancements and Improvements:

  • We've spruced up the Referral terms interface, making it simpler for members to spot new terms during the referral process. 
  • Members can now set their referral fees by increments of 0.5, making it easier to get things just right. 
  • Emails were updated across referrals and onboarding, ensuring they were clear and concise. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented members from viewing membership plans correctly.
  • Referral genius suggestions now only showcase attorneys within members’ networks, ensuring every recommendation is relevant.
  • Members can now accept an invitation to join an association and select a plan before checking out. 
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the referral discussion tab from updating properly.
  • Association members can now fill out and send feedback forms to their associations. 
  • Referrals no longer appear on a member’s referral index once they have been declined.
  • Members can now upload HEIC image files.

The latest updates are currently live and available to all users. Join now to become a founding member and enjoy your first year of Metwork for free. Let’s build together.


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