Metwork: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

Discover answers to the most popular questions about Metwork and see how we are transforming the legal networking experience.

Metwork: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

Metwork’s thriving legal community continues to grow, bringing enhanced collaboration to legal professionals like you. While exploring a new networking platform may come with questions, we're here to provide clarity and ensure your experience is seamless.

Join us as we give you an exclusive peek into the world of our revolutionary legal networking platform. As we strive to create the best possible experience for our clients, we've compiled a list of answers to the most intriguing questions posed by our users and addressed by our product experts.

In this article, we share valuable insights and information about Metwork to enhance your understanding of our platform and help you make the most of its unique features. Let's dive in and uncover…

1. What does Metwork do?

Metwork is a new paradigm in legal collaboration. We are a first-of-its-kind web-based legal networking platform that brings the legal community together to collaborate on cases, share referrals, and grow your legal careers together.

We do that by:

  • Verifying that all attorney-members are bar-certified and paralegal-members are sponsored by vetted attorneys.
  • Utilizing smart match technology that guides you to the right attorneys based on multiple characteristics, including a personality test taken during sign-up to discover your legal persona as well as attorney-to-attorney feedback.
  • Offering an in-depth profile section that lets users showcase their expertise, personality, strengths, and ambitions.

By dialing in on meaningful connections, you’ll spend less time searching for the right contacts and more time building your career and helping your clients.

2. Will I get spam from legal service companies /vendors/ advertisers?

No. Metwork empowers you and other legal community members to do your best work. Spam would only slow you down.

We created Metwork as an elevated alternative to other networking sites that earn their income by allowing advertisers and companies to jam your inbox with sales pitches. We’re against anything that isn’t in your favor, which is why we do not allow spam.

If you do want spam, we encourage a trip to the grocery store, usually in the canned meat section, and it pairs nicely with eggs or ramen. If you’re searching for a collaborative space free of distractions, look no further than Metwork.

3. Is my data secure?

Yes. We know how important security is when it comes to sensitive information and private conversations. This is a community for the legal field, and data security is paramount to ensuring a positive, successful experience.

For those who want a peek under the hood, Metwork has many network security features. Web access is restricted to SSL, meaning it only operates on a secure/encrypted connection, preventing man-in-the-middle and similar breaches. Access is password-protected by an authorization system, and all users are required to log in to a valid account. In addition, we encrypt all passwords and restrict database access to only the app server machine through AWS’s RDS service.

4. What's the benefit of becoming a Founding Member or early user?

Do you prefer to shape the world around you or let others do it for you? If you fall into the former camp, you already know the importance of getting in on the ground floor. We’ve unlocked the platform to give leaders in the legal field an opportunity to shape the future of collaboration.

In addition, Founding Members receive a free year of membership.

5. In what way does the algorithm drive us towards certain content?

Our proprietary smart-match technology uses many factors, including a personality test taken during the signup as well as attorney feedback, to ensure we guide you to meaningful connections, not just any legal professional on Metwork.

We’ve partnered with a Psychologic Ph.D. to ensure our algorithm is optimized for the legal community to suggest the best matches. At the end of the day, you are in control of the ship. You are free to choose whom you collaborate with, and with each new connection, the algorithm gets better at making matches. The more you put into Metwork, the more you get out of it.

6. Is it an app on your phone?

Your phone’s internet browser is perfectly suited to run our web-based application. If you can visit a website, you can access Metwork. That means you don’t need to download another app onto your devices that will pester you with random updates. Time is a factor in the legal field. Easily sign in from anywhere to access your account, and rest assured that you won’t be greeted by a “wait while we update” screen that causes a delay in your work.

7. Can staff on my intake team join Metwork?

Metwork is currently available to verified attorneys and sponsored paralegals. Bringing the rest of your legal staff into the community is part of our roadmap and will be available in the near future.

8. How are Metwork users verified to be competent attorneys?

The legal field is built on truth, which is why perjury is a big no-no.

Every lawyer who joins must be a card-carrying member of the bar in good standing. Our support staff personally verifies every member on Metwork. We don’t leave it up to AI or the user’s word.

9. What type of attorney is Metwork designed for?

Metwork is created for innovative members of the legal community who want more from their careers. At this time, sign-up is open for bar-certified attorneys and paralegals (with attorney sponsorship) within the United States.

We designed Metwork to be valuable for lawyers across the legal spectrum.

10. Does Metwork integrate with my Case Management Software?

Metwork is in the early stages of exploring integrations with other high-powered and asset-valuable legal software. Let us know what Case Management Software you utilize and what type of integration would be valuable to you.

If you have more questions, we have answers. Visit our FAQ section or get in touch with an account manager to discuss specifics. There’s no time like the present. Our team is here to help and provide personalized guidance tailored to growing your practice. Book a demo and discover how Metwork can empower your legal career.