Pushing the Paralegal Community Forward

Accelerate your paralegal career and push the community forward with Metwork, a first-of-its-kind legal networking platform.

Pushing the Paralegal Community Forward with Metwork.

Despite having the latest communications technology at our fingertips, many legal professionals feel increasingly alone. Even at close-knit firms, tasks are often siloed, and there’s very little time to stop and seek help.

Combine high-pressure stakes with a heightened need for attention to detail, and the result is a legal field fraught with stress and mental health issues. A simple mistake could tank a big case due to a technicality, hurting the client and stalling a legal career.

Stuck in the middle and tasked with putting the pieces together are paralegals, the backbone of the legal community. Paralegals work long hours while managing multiple projects under high stress. They keep the trains running on time, making sure lawyers are prepped and on task.

Imagine a place where paralegals could connect virtually to boost their knowledge, share information, give advice, gain experience, push themselves forward, and help lift other paralegals to excellence.

Enter Metwork.

A new kind of legal network.

Growing out of an idea by 40-year legal veteran Tom Metier, Metwork is a first-of-its-kind networking platform built on the power of positive relationships. We believe empathy, diversity, and collaboration combine into an unstoppable legal community. We created Metwork on that core philosophy.

“The practice of law is very busy,” Tom says. “And if we could create a tool that allows the legal community to connect with each other in a meaningful and impactful way, then we would be helping to bring the field into the future.”

Designed for and by the legal community.

“We built Metwork to be the center of the legal community,” Metwork co-founder and CEO Jack Metier explains. “That’s why, from the very beginning, we’ve talked to paralegals and attorneys about what they want and what they need. Many of our innovations and improvements came from conversations with our users.”

It was crystal clear that paralegals were essential to a firm’s success and to the Metwork community. A recent platform update brought paralegals into the system. 

“Metwork is all about connecting people,” Jack says. “We will continue to connect with our members to create the community and tools that will launch them to the next stage of their careers.”

More than a social network.

Metwork is not just another social network (or a social network pretending to be a professional network)–it is exclusively for legal professionals. Our curated community is built on security and trust. That is why all attorneys are vetted before gaining access, and all paralegals require sponsorship from a pre-vetted Metwork attorney member.

We created this platform to foster an exchange of knowledge, leading to better outcomes for clients, lawyers, and the entire legal field. You can’t do that with ads. You can’t do that with a bunch of noise. You do that by creating an ecosystem that provides guided connections, time-saving tools, and a focus on community.

Pushing the paralegal community forward.

Collaboration, diversity, and empathy create a stronger legal community that pushes paralegals forward. Use Metwork’s guided connections to build a network of legal colleagues and find a friend for every filing.

Our platform comes with a host of tools to streamline and enhance your career. Exchange knowledge with fellow paralegals using the Metwork Mentorship Module. The Teams module allows you to join legal teams, increase your hands-on experience, and expand your knowledge so you’re ready to tackle new challenges and those big cases that come across your desk. Or create private or public groups within Metwork to collaborate with other paralegals and exchange tips and advice. Work smarter, not harder, with Metwork’s referral ecosystem. Quickly send a legal referral to a trusted contact or search for the perfect lawyer to refer a case to so you don’t leave a client hanging or lose potential revenue for your firm. Metwork is your on-the-go support community to handle anything the legal field throws at you.

Japanese writer Ryūnosuke Akutagawa once said, “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” We developed the ocean where paralegals come together, exchange ideas, expand their experience, and create positive change for the community.

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