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Product Update: March & April Releases

From streamlined functionality to improved user experience, our recent updates are designed to help forge strong connections and optimize legal networking.

Product Update: February Release

Metwork’s February product update saw referral enhancements, refreshed emails, and squashed bugs. Read more to discover the details of this release.

Product Update: January Release

Metwork’s January Product Update brings enhanced features across the board, giving members the option for more privacy and more public discussion. Learn more.

Product Update: December Release

Metwork’s December Product Update enhances our Referral Ecosystem to give you more freedom and less pressure when negotiating terms of legal referrals. Learn more.

Product Update: November Release

Metwork’s November Product Update is live and available for all users. Accomplish your goals together with this latest update. Learn more.

Product Update: Harmony

Metwork’s newest update, Harmony, is the last significant update before the software moves from Beta to Live on October 1st. Learn more about the exciting new features.

Product Update: Cruise Control

The design and dev team have been at it again with new updates to improve your experience on Metwork. The latest release, Version [1.0] brings a series of features designed to give users more control. Learn more.